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MegaSpin – Fantastic 7′s Slot

MegaSpin – Fantastic 7’s is a Microgaming-developed Vegas-style slot that has been revamped for multi-slot gaming enthusiasts. This is a ground-breaking solution allowing you to play nine games on one screen at once enjoying more entertainment and thrill. The betting range is designed to suit all budgets, and a three-reel model applied in MegaSpin – Fantastic 7’s will be appealing for classic clot lovers.

MegaSpin – Fantastic 7′s
MegaSpin – Fantastic 7′s screenshot
JACKPOT CITY 100% up to €1600 SPIN PALACE 100% up to €250 RUBY FORTUNE 100% up to €750 GAMING CLUB 100% up to €200 CHERRY CASINO 100% up to €200
MegaSpin – Fantastic 7′s Slot
3.9 from 5 based on 13 reviews.
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MegaSpin – Fantastic 7′s Slot Review

In this slot, you have an option to choose the number of games you want to play at one time. Basically, each machine is a three-reel slot with a single payline. You may select to play four, six or nine machines at a time. Thus, you will have 4, 6 or 9 paylines to bet on, respectively. Your aim is the same as in other multi-reel slots: to roll up a winning combination on the reels and get a win according to paytable values.

The symbols set includes traditional icons such as cherries, three kinds of bars, and two kinds of sevens. As in other classic-style slots, you do not have a great betting flexibility here. The number of coins per line is one, two or three, but if you want to grab decent cash awards, you should wager three coins to be eligible for a fixed jackpot described below. The stake you have chosen stays the same for all games you have activated. A coin comes in a wide range of denominations, starting at just $0.1 and reaching $5. If you prefer playing at all values set to the maximum, you will have to wager 27 coins, or $135, with nine games enabled.


Being a genuinely classic slot machine, MegaSpin – Fantastic 7′s offers no scatters, wilds and other bonus goodies whatever. Yet there are many payout opportunities made available by multiple reels that spin in parallel. Each game has numerous winning combinations that can be potentially created, so your chances get multiplied by the number of slots you are playing at the same time.

Cherries form the lowest-paying combos. Get one Cherries symbol plus two other icons, and the reward will be 2 coins. If two cherries fall on a payline, you get 5 coins, while three of a kind pay out 10 coins. Single, double and triple bars are more lucrative symbols awarding 10, 20 and 30 coins respectively, for three of a kind.

Sevens are the most gainful icons, especially a multi-colored Seven that pays out 2500 coins if you roll up three of them across a payline in any of the games. Three Red Sevens grant 240 coins, and a combination of mixed sevens (e.g., one multi-colored 7 plus two red 7s) wins 120 coins. The abovementioned 2500-coin fixed jackpot can be taken down if playing at a three-coin bet, otherwise, you winnings will be more decent, and you get 1000 or 500 coin for a one- or two-coin wager, accordingly.

The unique and exciting multi-gaming format opens up new winning horizons as your chances of getting a winning combo are amplified x4, x6 or x9 times depending on the number of games you have selected for playing at a time. Let us assume that you are playing nine games, therefore, there are chances of getting nine jackpot-triggering combos on all nine machines, and bag $12,500*9 = $112,500 in one lucky spin.


MegaSpin – Fantastic 7’s is yet another Microgaming’s slot allowing to play multiple games on a single screen. Basically, this is a three-reel one-payline classic slot with no gimmicks such as scatters or wilds. Thanks to a multi-format game mechanics, your winning chances and payout amounts are much bigger compared to traditional games, which creates a brand-new gaming experience.